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The collections reflect something of the diversity and practice of my photography: capturing events and people on my travels to Cuba, a personal photographic diary filled with the contradictions and beauty of everyday live. – The collections offer you the opportunity to purchase an original print, signed and numbered.   


HAVANA | diary

‘Street photography’ does not require any additional means, only the endurance and patience of the photographer is needed. But reality only begins to take effect when endurance becomes exhaustion and patience becomes aimlessness.   

HAIR SALON at Calle 10 de Octubre in Cerro, Havana. /// image size 150 x 100 cm  with 8 cm white border / frame size 169,8 x 120 cm  / image mounted behind 2mm acrylic glass with wooden walnut frame ///  € 1.800,- / print only € 750,- 

” It’s about finding order in what may at first seem like chaos. It’s about simplifying what you see and distilling everything into a single, coherent frame. Classic compositional techniques like leading lines, foreground, symmetry and rules of thirds come into play and it’s all about finding the right spot; – all this takes time. But there is also the reverse, you are ‘at one’ with time and ‘are’ in the right place, along with what is happening around you. You are no longer looking for the right detail, the images come to you, you just have to take them in, because you have earned them by walking to them. Step by step. And with each step you’ve forgotten something about yourself and at the same time you learned something new.”

LOVERS AT MALECON /// Image size : 164,8 x 110 cm  with 2 cm white border / frame size : 173,2 x 118,4 cm  / image mounted behind 2mm acrylic glass with wooden walnut shadow gap frame /// 1.800, – / print only € 600,-



The Malecon is the heart of Havana. Construction of the first section began in 1901. At the point where the Paseo del Prado meets the Atlantic Ocean, the wide avenue that separates Habana Vieja and Centro Habana.


The Salesman

“The salesman sits still and insignificantly at the sales window, waiting for passers-by who want to buy something from the few things he has to offer. The grid seems to additionally cross him out in his cross-hatching and to underline his insignificance; only his gaze penetrates the grid and a vaguely undefined desire becomes visible, the cause of which he has long forgotten.”

SALESMAN at Calle 10 de Octubre in Cerro, Havana. /// Image size 150 x 100 cm  with 8 cm white border / frame size 170 x 120 cm  / image mounted behind 2mm acrylic glass with wooden walnut frame ///  € 1.800,- / print only € 750,- 



“There is something I love about photography. Silence. And when inner stillness leads to outer stillness, there is something fulfilling about that for me. There is this inward gaze that brings everything external into harmony, because it engages completely with what is. It doesn’t try to create something, it doesn’t leave anything out, it only perceives. The gaze inwards merges with its surroundings and everything falls into place as if by itself.”

BLOOMING CLOUDS  at Parque Wilfredo Lam, Vedado, Havana. /// image size 40 x 50 cm / with natural white Passepartout / frame size 53,7 x 63,7 cm  / image mounted in wooden frame with matt floatglas / Edition of 20 ///  € 450,- + shipping

BATHERS at beach club in Miramar, Havana. /// image size 105 x 70 cm / Hahnemühle Fine Art pearl / with natural white Passepartout / frame size 118,7 x 83,7 cm  / image mounted in wooden walnut frame with matt floatglas ///  € 900,- / print only € 700,-


State of Play

The collection shows a nation and its people in the context of an eternal crisis, in play with the daily political and social struggle for survival.

Cuba | State at Play


Homeless men from the streets of Havana.

VAGABONDS. /// Image size 80 x 100 / 12 cm white border / mounted behind 2mm Acrylic matt glas with wooden frame / Frame size 108 x 128 cm /// 

Jesus, 61

Ramon, 60

“The single individual, the singular, the solitary, is my real theme. To be for oneself, to be in oneself. It doesn’t matter how close I get to a person, it’s almost that I can only perceive them properly from a distance, see them and feel their inner struggle. Because I don’t have to explain myself, I don’t have to behave, I just see. Two sensations overlap: the feeling of being for me and the feeling of being in someone else.”



Square Prints / 40 x 40

Limited collectors prints are available from the collections  in an exclusive 18 x 24 format in an edition of 75. The prints come framed in the format 40 x 40 cm with passe-partout and authentication letter, numbered and signed. ///

€ 100

+ shipping

Solitude #01” Woman walking in Vedado at Avenida del los Presidentes, Havana. /// Image size 18 x 24 cm  / with natural white Passepartout / frame size 40 x 40 cm  / image mounted in black wooden frame  / Edition of 75 ///  

Signing and framing the square prints /// 0:50s

On the Wall

On the Wall

Exhibition View

Lovers at Malecon

Lovers at Malecon

Malecon, in evening hours meeting ground of the one in love, the beloved ones and the ones longing for it.
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Impala 59

Impala 59

Family picking up their daughter from her dance classes in a classic Impala from 1959 in Calle Compostela, Havana Vieja.
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Messenger delivering a letter attached to a string lowered from the upper floors at Calle 21, Vedado, Havana
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